Saturday, July 3, 2010

My two baseball boys!

Playing with my friend Leah!!

I'm webbing you!!!

Jacer and daddy at wedding rehearsal.

All the Koch fam.

Playing with Emily.

Getting all ready in my fancy clothes!

Cute lil couple.

Happy Family

Dancing the night away!!

Fun In The Sun

I have been having a GREAT summer at home with my boys. I can't believe that it is July already!! Some of the great highlights include a great weekend spent with my family at Jared and Kayla's wedding. (There was an incredibly cute ring bearer!) We have also welcomed two new cousins into our family. Congrats Kayla and Kellen on baby boy Wyatt and Congrats Tim and Amie on baby girl Landry!! I haven't been able to hold either baby yet and I am going crazy waiting until I get the chance!!!!!

Both boys have been growing so much! Bret will be 3 at the end of the month (although he tells everyone he is already 3) and we just had Jace's 4 month check and he is 24 in long and 13lbs. We are also happy because I think we have finally turned the corner on helping Jacers lil skin. After several dr appointments, two dermatologist visits, and an allergists appointment soon to come I think we figured out the right mix of lotions and creams to help cool his eczema. The poor babe will hopefully be able to stop wearing gloves on his lil hands soon!! :)
I have added pictures from some of our fun we have had so far. I hope to add more soon!!!
( oh i am giving all the credit to amie because I stole the idea from her but the other day I was telling one of the cute things Bret said and I was told I should be writing those down. Well I know I will never be good about writing any of his quotes in a baby book but I thought when I am adding to the blog I might remember to post some of them on here. So, thank you so much Amie for the great idea from your blog- you will see some of the quirky, cute, and sometime sassy things that come out of B's mouth. Hope you enjoy!! )

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Begins

We have officially started summer!!! Yeah! I am loving every minute with my two little men. This is Steve's busiest time of year so the two boys are getting a lot of mommy time but we are having tons of fun. On memorial weekend we were lucky enough to go stay with Uncle Jim and and Aunt Julie at their house on the lake. We had so much fun. Bret was very excited because he took a "pecial" trip with mommy and daddy without Jace (Thanks grammy Donna for keeping Jace) We promised Jace he would be big enough next time. Here are some pictures from our great weekend!

Happy family enjoying the sun and water.

Dipping our toes in the water.

Sitting on the jet ski. Bret loved sitting on it but not such a fan of riding on it. Maybe next year.
Trying to get a picture together. He was having way to much fun to slow down for a good picture.

All the girls on the boat.

Bret and Steve having fun in the water.

I forgot to have Bret try on his swim trunks and shirt before we left. Who knew how much a lil man can grow in a year. Good thing cousin Jody bought him "Cars" trunks but he still had to wear his "short" shirt with them. A great look don't you think!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can't believe that it has been almost 9wks already. Sadly I head back to work next Wednesday. I am really going to miss spending my days with the boys but on the bright side there is only about 5wks until summer break and I can have them home with me again!!! Below you will see a bunch of photos from my time at home with the boys. They are both growing so fast I can't believe it. Our house may be a little crazy but I wouldn't change it for anything!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Fun

We have had a wonderful three weeks at home with Jace and Bret. Can you believe that it has been three weeks already?!?! I was very lucky to have Steve home for all three weeks which made learning to handle two little ones a little easier :). I have added a few pictures from the past couple weeks and you'll see that Bret is a very proud big brother. He loves his new baby!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Jace

On Tuesday February 23rd Jace Andrew finally made his arrival. Steve and I went into the hospital on Monday night so I could be induced. Bret was very lucky to stay at our house with grammy and pappa (my mom and dad). By 12:33pm on Tuesday Jace was here. People tried to make me feel better and say the second delivery is easier- they were right! This time was much easier and everyone was healthy. What more could we ask for!
Happy Birthday Baby Jace!!
Our lil pumpkin is finally here- Jace Andrew Schnoor

Proud daddy!

This was our first family photo. I'm such a lucky lady- three great guys in my life!

Bret is such a proud brother. He came into the hospital room asking for "his" baby.

Proud grandpa!

My two boys. This was the first time that Bret held Jace. He was very happy and very gentle with his little brother.

Love you Baby Jace!

I love how proud Bret looks in this picture. He waited so long to meet his baby. I was so happy to see how much he loved Jace at first sight.

My perfect little pumpkin!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Count Down Is On!!

Yesterday at the Dr we set a date to induce. If this stubborn lil boy hasn't made his arrival by next Tuesday we get to go in!! We are all so excited to meet him and Bret is very ready to have his brother here. We'll see if that lasts after he is actually here :). Today I am officially 40 wks 1 day so I am very hopeful to have him come sooner than later. I promise to follow with lots of pictures!!!